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WhistlejacketFor your enjoyment & Horse Cultural education, we have put together multiple collections of equestrian artwork, each group with a central theme. Many are "Old Masters" paintings from the 1700 & 1800's, but also bronzes, marble statues & monuments, wood carvings, stained glass, celtic knotwork designs, modern metalwork, and more. The Horse has played an essential role throughout the World and throughout the history of mankind.

We invite you to send in photos of artwork that have inspired you.
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Winter Sleighs
Dashing through the snow...

Dog Days of Summer
Our beloved constant companion in the horse world.

Mares and Foals
The beginnings of new life, full of promise and dreams.
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Fox Hunting
The tradition of horses, hounds, scarlet coats, & lovely countryside.

Kids Enjoying
Their Ponies

School is out, time for these kids to have fun!

St. Patrick's Day
Beautiful interlacing Celtic knotwork designs with a horse theme.

Valentine's Day
Couples sharing their love for each other & their love for their horses.
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Derby Days
The exquisite beauty of an equine athlete.

Prominent military and royal Equestrian portraits.

at the Fair

The season of county fairs, horse fairs, and festivals.
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Riding Sidesaddle

Not exactly June brides, but these ladies are pretty classy!

Horses Of The World
Images of equestrian artwork in various mediums from around the World.
Equine Fashions
New York runway models have nothing on these beauties!

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