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I do feel like I have come along way thanks to the program. My riding skills are better and I have a lot more confidence in myself. I have also gotten to meet a lot of people in the dressage world and thatís something I had hoped for too.

The support of the ADU program is extremely helpful. I love the workshops and video nights and the discussions in between. Having a mentor who is so supportive and encouraging is very beneficial.

I got out there and did it. The workshops were the best and this program encouraged me to keep with my lesson series. I also made several new connections, so that I know some folks when I go to shows. Frankly, I would not have gone to any shows this year had it not been for the people I met and this program.

I think I could now feel comfortable going to a recognized show at First Level, with my horse. I wouldnít have showed outside of training level before this program!

I could be a cheerleader for ADU!!! It came along at a perfect time to give me that kick in the behind that I needed.

I am amazed at the good will and attention to detail and the wonderful programs offered. A dream come true.

Thanks ADU!

Journals, Mentors, Regular Evaluations:

The regular schedule of paper work was advantageous for me. It kept me focused. I loved the real "university" feel of it with the journal and regular reports.

I was surprised how much I have enjoyed detailing my rides and activities in my journal. I originally didn't think I would like that part of it. But it has been VERY helpful to me. As I record my rides & lessons, it forces me to think back about the details of each ride, evaluate the good and bad, and plan for my next ride.

I liked doing an evaluation at the end of each month to let me know where I was at in my training plan. It also helped me clearly see the progress each of my horses was making, which is harder to see from day to day, but you can see it more clearly from month to month.

Recording the number of rides in my journal inspires me to keep up with the number I have committed to. As a result of regular riding, both horses are progressing Ė duh!

Setting goals & then keeping track with the journal has been most helpful.

Love the journal - and absolutely have the best mentor! They both help keep you better organized & focused.

Keeping a journal and filling out monthly reports for recording all of my activities has been most helpful. It is making me aware of where I am weak or strong, and to be able to see the slow but sure progression of my horses.

Since I do a monthly evaluation Iím able to reflect on what I actually accomplished. I push myself harder to achieve my goals. I do feel as though Iím improving.

It really helps me to push myself and not get in a rut. Itís so nice to have a mentor who I have to report to, so it keeps me working hard and pushing to progress.

The monthly reports are the most helpful. Checking your progress monthly helps keeping on track, while I have time to make changes.

Really having to own up to what I actually did get accomplished by keeping record of everything I do feel it makes me work harder. When I reflect back on the month I might see that I didnít keep up with my goals. Before ADU I would not have known that, so this way it keeps me working toward those goals.

Having someone to report to, keeps me on track and is a constant reminder of my commitment. Without it, weíd still be on the lunge line.

Setting the goals themselves, and having a monthly check on my progress to keep me focused.

To me having to report monthly what I had accomplished helped me a lot. Itís easier to stick to your goals when you have to report to someone.

I enjoy communicating with my mentor once a month. She is awesome, she inspires me and is always encouraging. She has played a huge part in building my confidence.

Workshops & Practice Shows:

The clinics and shows have been very educational, especially, towards understanding many of the current rules and expectations at shows. My lessons are really beneficial to my improvements, not only in my day to day riding, but also in my understanding of what builds the movements and how specific exercise create the movements. I feel I am meeting the program goals and having a lot of fun doing so.

The riding clinics and workshops have been most helpful! Doing is achieving and it builds confidence.

I think if people are really going to step outside of their elements and advance, they have to do these workshops. You get so much more than basic judge scores, you get live practical advice on the spot!! IT IS PRICELESS and you get this feedback from several folks! There is just a different level of stress here that changes us.

I know the workshops are a lot of work, but they are what made the difference for me in this program. I wasnít afraid to get out there and try! I didnít feel like I was being judge, but rather being supported and encouraged by a TEAM! I wish more students could have found the courage to ride in these. THEY ARE SOOO WORTH IT!!

DVD Nights:

The interactive DVD Nights are super for me.

All the good info I have learned through workshops and DVD nights. I really like the interaction of everyone and I learn from the discussions.

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